Buy SSL Certificate

An SSL(Secure Socked Layer) Certificate helps consumers and businesses be more confident and responsible when submitting personal details over a website.

If you sell something online and you process credit card information or other confidential information, you have to use SSL encryption for the data exchange between a client on your website and the server hosting your site.

Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption (128 or 256-bit key), that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with the transmitted information.

An SSL Certificate Is Necessary If You :

  • You operate an online store.
  • Accept credit card or other payments through your site.
  • Offer online services where subscribers go over a signup process.
  • Your website supports account login.
  • When other private data is transmitted over the Internet.

Having an SSL Certificate on your website greatly increases the trust in your brand and is a positive sign to visitors and customers. Most online users can easily identify that you have SSL encryption on your website by the URL they see in their browser. It should say https:// or show an active padlock in the address bar or at the bottom right corner of the window.