What is Semi-Dedicated Hosting ?

Semi-dedicated hosting is very suitable for the maintenance of multiple websites or a website with high traffic that needs more CPU, RAM, disk space and other resources. RapidHostr offers you cheap semi dedicated hosting plans with much more resources and better performance than the standard shared hosting as there are significantly fewer accounts per server.
Any semi-dedicated hosting account can be effortlessly upgraded if the website outgrows the capacity of the plan that’s currently being used. Semi-dedicated hosting is more reliable and efficient because DNS, Email and MySQL bases run on separate servers, which distributes the load of the site.


Lets say you’re moving out to a new place to live. You don’t just buy a 5000 square feet mansion, right? For the time being, you rent an apartment, and maybe share it with a roommate or two. Semi-dedicated hosting is like that apartment. It’s the next step up from the crowded college dorm that is shared hosting. It gives you more space, independence, room to grow, and can easily accommodate thousands of visitors a day.
Eventually, when your website gets huge with tens of thousands of unique visitors each day, you’ll move to a VPS hosting solution or a dedicated hosting package (the equivalent of the mansion).

Choose the plan which suits your needs