reset wordpress password using phpmyadmin

If you are unable to reset your WordPress password, then you can reset your password using phpmyadmin. You can simply reset wordpress password when you are connected to WordPress dashboard.In this article, we will show you how to easily reset a WordPress password using phpMyAdmin. Before proceeding make sure you have access to cpanel in order to use phpmyadmin.

This method involves editing and updating the wp_users table value to reset the lost password. The method is little longer but is also easy enough to follow without requiring much technical knowledge.Just follow the simple steps below to reset your wordpress password.

Steps To Reset WordPress Password Using PHPMyAdmin

First, you have to login to PHPMyAdmin from your cPanelphpmyadmin Next,Select your WordPress database in phpmyadmin. If you are not sure which is your database you can find it in wp-config.php  filereset wordpress using phpmyadmin When a database is selected, all the tables are listed.Find wp_users table in the table column. Once you have found wp_users table click on that table select Browse next to itselecting table Once you click on the table name all the usernames will appear on your screen.Now press Edit next to the username which password should be reset.change wordpress password using phpmyadminNext to the user_pass line in the Value column, there is a long list of numbers and letters. Next to it there is a dropdown select box in the Function columnsetting password Select and delete those characters on the Value column and type in your new password. Remember, the value column is case-sensitive. Once you have done that, click the dropdown menu and select MD5 from the menu. Click Go button in the bottom right to save the changes.

You have successfully changed your admin password.Now you can login to your wordpress dashboard using the new password. To prevent this in the future it’s recommended to setup your administrator email address on a WordPress installation and then a password reminder feature can be used on WordPress login website.

If you find this method difficult to follow check out our tutorial on changing wordpress password using mysql query

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