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RapidHostr is a web hosting company which provides Free WordPress Hosting to every users.We believe that it is the best way to serve the WordPress community.All free web hosting services will not grant you our disk space, SMTP access, Webmail or SPAM protection.

We offer free wordpress hosting that actually works ! because free hosting is the fast and easy solution, especially for beginners, to learn most out of wordpress. All users will be able to install Joomla or WordPress automatically with our 1-Click Installer and manage their websites from a user-friendly Control Panel.

Anyone can use our service to launch a free WordPress site .We’ll provide Control Panel™(CCP) with features like the zacky-installer and other necessary tools to launch your wordpress site.With our free hosting plan you can not only install wordpress but also you can upload your own site or use our site builder to create your site and publish it.

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  • 1GB Hosting disk space
  • 5GB monthly bandwidth
  • 1 Domain hosting
  • 3 Subdomains
  • Instant account setup
  • Free DNS server
  • PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN
  • 1 MySQL database
  • FTP access,Web based file manager,1 POP3/IMAP email
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Reliable RAID backups & GRID hosting platform
  • Super fast servers & Ultra fast network
  • 99.8% Uptime guarantee
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring
  • 24×7 Phone &Ticket support
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Although free hosting is really good option for blogs, small sites and generally testing various web services, it doesn’t provide fully dedicated support, it’s not unlimited and it’s not as reliable as paid hosting plans. For heavy sites with lots of traffic, especially commercial and media ones, free may not be enough. For that reason, you can start with free hosting and if your site grows you can simply upgrade for any shared plan.

  • Limited to subdomains – Upgrade to a paid plan(starting at $5) if you would like to use your own domain name.
  • Keep it fresh – To keep your site online, log into the CCP at least once a month. If you do not, your site may be removed. Don’t worry; we’ll send you reminders.
  • Keep it Safe – We reserve the right to remove any site being used for malicous purposes.
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Free shared hosting packages are great, at least as long as you’re running personal blogs, simple undemanding websites or merely trying out hosts and platforms for a future project. All free hosting plans have limitations, because there are many users on one server. That’s why switching to paid hosting is recommended, especially when you need bigger and reliable site where your clients will be happy to spend their time.

Paid shared hosting plans offer significantly more resources, convenience and flexibility. The paid plans at RapidHostr have practically unlimited features : you can send unlimited emails, host unlimited domains, install numerous applications, protect your website effectively from infringement and SPAM etc. Besides, paid accounts are with priority for the technical support, while on free you can rely on help mainly for system malfunctions.

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